Matthew Bamberg has been a writer, photographer and educator based in Palm Springs, CA. In the early 2000s, he wrote articles for the "Desert Sun" and "Palm Springs Life" about popular world-famous destination for mid-century modern architecture. Soon after, his interest in mid-century modern culture led him to photograph mid-century signage and architecture all over Southern California and beyond.

Before his experiences photographing mid-century modern architecture, Bamberg was a graduate student in the Inter-arts Center of San Francisco State University, He got his start in photography composition by studying interaction of text and image on video and within children’s multimedia software programs. He received his MA degree in creative arts in 1997.

During the graduate school experience, Bamberg discovered the importance of photographing subjects and objects to preserve history for future generations. His search for images began with evaluating the life span of structures, which resulted in a search for architectural elements that are likely to be removed or destroyed in the near term. He found that the primary structures prime for the wrecking ball are design gems that have grown out of touch with technology and occupy substantive space in densely populated urban areas where land is sparse.

 In 2002, after photographing, printing and framing his photos of world architectural landmarks, Matt decided to contact local vintage modern stores In Palm Springs and Los Angeles to consign his photos, offering them for sale. After that, his first book, "Digital Art Photography for Dummies," reported on the process of shooting and making framed photos for sale. It was by published by Wiley in 2005. In the following ten years, Bamberg authored 11 more how-to photography books for Cengage Learning. In 2017, Matt was juried into the Desert Art Center.

In addition to photography, Matt is also an educator at National University. He continues to photograph the remaining mid-century landmarks in Southern California and beyond to this day. After two decades of photographing, his collection has become well-known and appreciated by many mid-century modern aficionados of modern art.

Over the past two decades, Matt has photographed signs, buildings and monuments of kitsch, many of which have been subjected to the wrecking ball. His latest work is a Tiki (Polynesian God) collage, based upon the geometrical figures and primary colors of Piet Mondrian.  

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